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Berlin SEO

Optimize the content of your website - also called Includes all measures and adjustments that can be made to be placed as best as possible in the Google ranking. Apart from many technical factors, this also includes content and structural aspects.

The first step in search engine optimization is to select appropriate search words that will help you find a good position in Google search. Subsequently, the contents of your website are adapted accordingly. If they wish, we help them create appropriate content in the form of texts, images and videos.

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Overview of services

SEO Berlin

  • Finding suitable search terms
  • Examination, preparation and structuring of the text and image material you are usingTaking, preparing and structuring the text and image material you use
  • Create a XML-Sitemap
  • Creation of all necessary meta-Tags
  • Optimization or creation of page titles and page descriptions
  • Optimization of the loading speed of the website